Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Must Take from JarvieDigital

While browsing, I came across yet another great photographer with some inspiration to share. Scott from JarvieDigital Photography posted these photos (along with more) on his blog: http://jarviestudios.com/blog/This setting is absolutely fabulous. It reminds me of Europe!

And this inspiration photo reminds me that any color combo can work. I'm not really a fan of blue at all, but I am loving it here with the orange lilies and roses!

And here it is, the must-take inspiration photo. How inventive! I just love it and I wish my hubby had been up for it! Oh well, I will just live through this lucky bride for a few... I suppose it wouldn't have worked on my wedding day anyway, my man may have slipped on the soaking wet trampoline!
See much more from this photographer out of Utah at: http://www.jarviestudios.com/blog/