Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Must Take from JarvieDigital

While browsing, I came across yet another great photographer with some inspiration to share. Scott from JarvieDigital Photography posted these photos (along with more) on his blog: http://jarviestudios.com/blog/This setting is absolutely fabulous. It reminds me of Europe!

And this inspiration photo reminds me that any color combo can work. I'm not really a fan of blue at all, but I am loving it here with the orange lilies and roses!

And here it is, the must-take inspiration photo. How inventive! I just love it and I wish my hubby had been up for it! Oh well, I will just live through this lucky bride for a few... I suppose it wouldn't have worked on my wedding day anyway, my man may have slipped on the soaking wet trampoline!
See much more from this photographer out of Utah at: http://www.jarviestudios.com/blog/

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Colorful, Beautiful

A bride can get so much inspiration from these photos from Erin Browne Photography (Knoxville, Tennessee). Don't you think?

Oooh, I just adore the cake, the chair sashes, the programs, really everything. The colors are just so happy. See much more at http://http//erinbrownephoto.com/blog/

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lake Trash the Dress

So, the more that I see photos of trash the dress, the more I want to do it. Then I think about my beautiful dress. I don't know.... while I think about it, here are some awesome photos from Visual Obsession, Connecticut.

I'm going to continue to consider, while all of you should check out more at
I think I could do the rain, but not the lake. I don't even like swimming in a lake with my bikini on!

Inspiring Seattle Wedding

Okay, so I just love this photographer and the couple! The pictures are gorgeous and the details are amazing. This is a wedding I would have loved to be a part of!

I just love the way Lucas uses simple things, like a window. Very original! Check out more of his fabulous work at: http://lucasmobleyblog.com/

Monday, August 10, 2009

Engagement Photo Love!

My first post ever! So exciting. Okay, down to business. The reason for this blog is to show the amazing wonderful talent there is out there in the wedding photography arena. I want to help brides to find the photographer that will fit their style, but I also want to give some inspiration and of course, some eye candy. Here goes, my first feature:

This amazing photo was taken by Atrero Photography, out of San Diego. I love the setting, lighting, everything. Love, love, love it! Thanks to Ed and Karen, who are young and guaranteed to give us much more amazing photos.

Check out more at their blog: http://atrero.com/blog